Bobby Guards Limited is committed to the provision of efficient and personalized security services tailored to meet commercial internationally proven security service provision.
Residential & Commercial Guarding

We offer guard services driven by a need to maintain a disciplined, efficient and well organized tight company, at both residential and commercial premises with pride.

Dog Handling & Training Services

Canine security patrols where a superior selection of dog breeds for German shepherds and Rottweiler’s are observed and protective behavior for these breeds observed and undertaken by a team of experts who extensively train the dogs before being deployed. The dog handlers are equally trained to ensure the dogs are properly catered for and well groomed.

Event Security Management Services

Through continuous consultative meetings between the event stakeholders, a risk assessment report is normally prepared prior to the event date During such events a temporary control room is normally set-up at the venue of the events that facilitates the entire security coordination during the event.

Closed Circuit Television-CCTV

This is a system comprising of cameras installed on appropriate area of protection as per client’s specification zone. It comprises of cameras, monitors multiplexers, and Video Recording. This enables the clients to monitor all the activities in his absence/presence. CCTV can be computer based as well, which can also enable the client to monitor all the activities from a certain location or through networking.

Integrated Security Management Systems

Electronic Access Control, Alarm Installation & Backup Services, Electronic Access Control, Smart Logistics Solutions...